April 10, 2017

Agenda – Day 2

Time Programme
0900 Registration
1000  Main Track 1  Entrance Hall of Exhibition and Entrepreneurship Service Center of Qianhai Shenzhen-  Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneur Hub (E-Hub)
 Opening Ceremony

I. Speeches by the Leaders of Host Units
II. Press Release: Action Plan for the Shenzhen–Hong Kong (International)  Innovation and
Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base in Qianhai
III. Introduction to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Regional Entrepreneurship
Acceleration Plan and Technology Transfer Company of the Weizmann Institute of Science (Yeda
Research and Development Company Ltd.) Cooperative Project

IV. Opening Ceremony of “China (Qianhai) Blockchain Research Lab”, “IDG Incubator Qianhai
Headquarters” and “Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Blue Bay (Qianhai)
Incubator” (Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League of China

1100  Keynote Speech   An Insight into the Innovative Development in the Future

 Speech topic:

  1. Orientation and Trends of China’s Venture Capital Industry in “2.0 Times” (based on “Opinions on Promoting Sustained and Healthy Development of Venture Capital” by the State Council)
  2. Innovative Design Shapes the Future
  3. The Way of Innovative Development of Finance in the Internet Era
  4. Start up nation

 Roundtable Forum   China’s Innovative Trends from an International Perspective

1400  Blockchain Forum Keynote Speech  Blockchain Reshapes Economy and the World
Speech topic:

  1. Challenges and Opportunities for Blockchain Application from the Perspective of Banks
  2. Sharing of Practical Applications of Blockchain Technology in Hong Kong Financial Industry
  3. Investment Logic and Prospects of Blockchain Technology
  4. Blockchain and the Developmental Trend of its Standardization
  5. Blockchain – Starts An Era of Encrypted Economy

 Roundtable Forum   Decode Blockchain, Reconstruct the Financial World with Technology

 Blockchain Project Road Shows
 Road Shows

1000  Main Track 2  101 Lecture Hall of E-Hub Entrepreneurship Academy
 Rebroadcast Opening Ceremony
1100  Forum  From “Fusion” to “Fission”, How to Build Science & Technology Innovation Industrial Park

 Keynote Speech

Speech topic:

  1. Integrating Global Wisdom to promote Industrial Transformation and Upgrading of Industries
  2. Changing Trends of Real Estate and Business in the Future Brought by Science and Technology Innovation
  3. The Course of Value Growth of Science and Technology Innovation Space
  4. The Way of Balance between Business and Public Benefits for Entrepreneurial Community

 Roundtable Forum   Constructing Regional System of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Supporting
and Leading Industries to Transformation and Upgrading

1400  Forum  Self-employment Entrepreneurship: The Difference between Dream and Reality

 Keynote Speech

Speech topic:

  1. Investors’ Cup of Tea
  2. Loneliness at Start-up Business
  3. Entrepreneurship 2.0: The New Entrepreneurial Generation Without Excuses

 Roundtable Forum  My Entrepreneurship Story

1000  Parallel Track 1  105 Lecture Hall of E-Hub Entrepreneurship Academy
 Rebroadcast Opening Ceremony
1100  Forum  What Will it Take to Compete Against Silicon Valley?

 Keynote Speech
Speech topic:

  1. New Opportunities for Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area: How to Match Against Silicon Valley Bay Area?
  2. Entrepreneurs Need to Have a Broad Perspective and Vision
  3. Technology Leads Innovation in the future

 Movie Conference on Rear Number Plate Q1 Entrepreneurship Sharing

 Roundtable Forum  How to Build a Bridge of Trust between Entrepreneurs and Investors

 Excellent Project Road Shows

1000  Parallel Track 2  104 Lecture Hall of E-Hub Entrepreneurship Academy
 Rebroadcast Opening Ceremony
1100  Forum Vision on the future of film and Television Finance

 Keynote Speech
Speech topic:

  1. Finance Leverages Culture: Resource Competition of the Film and Television Finance
  2. How to achieve a Smash Hit with widespread popularity: The Path of Professionalization and Internationalization of China’s Film and Television
  3. The Investment and Financial Model between Finance and Platforms of Film and Television
  4. A Generation of Hong Kong Film Makers Who Trail-blazed Their Way into the Movie Industry
  5. The Way to Utilize Film and Television Carrier as an Extension of Corporate Culture
  6. The Course and New Opportunities for Mainland and Hong Kong Film Co-production
  7. Film and Television + Internet Finance: Product Design and Legal Risks

 Roundtable Forum

1400  Forum  The Principles of Entrepreneurship in The Golden Era

 Keynote Speech
Speech topic:

    1. Redefining Entrepreneurship
    2. Integrating Resources: Making Entrepreneurship Simpler
    3. Law in Comradeship with Makers
    4. How Should Startup Companies Manage Financial Affairs

 Roundtable Forum   The Challenges and Opportunities for Startup Business

1800  E-Hub Lawn
 “YoungFun” Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Music Party

(1) Opening Dance

(2) Fox-Hunter


(4) Magic Show

(5) Ukulele Show

(6) Colored Face Graffiti

(7) Clown-Balloon

(8) PSYCLover


(10) Folk Guitar  Shenzhen Independent Musician Laniyu

(11) Cassette

(12) ROKIWEE (including lucky draws)