May 10, 2017

Jamie Cheung

Co-founder and Director, Eastern Vision

Upon graduation from university, Jamie embarked on a path to combine two of his all-time passions – traveling and international politics, into a career. Together with his university dormmate, he launched Eastern Vision in 2014, offering tours that engage local communities and explore the most salient issues of politics, culture and society of target destinations.

With contributions from a wide range of scholars, journalists and civil society leaders, over the last two years, Jamie and his team has brought over 1,500 students and professionals to different corners of the world – from the pioneering South-and-North Korea delegation studying the changing sense of identity of both Koreans; to symposiums to Myanmar witnessing the biggest transition to democracy in Asia of this century; and even expeditions to Tibet looking at the traditional technique of mantra printing which is quickly fading out.

Resonating with Eastern Vision’s motto “Insights on the Road”, Jamie and his team strike to unearth hidden gems from around the globe and redefine the idea of tourism.