June 6, 2017

Jeffrey BROER

Co-founder, Recime Inc.

Jeffrey is a Hong Kong based entrepreneur. He recently started a new venture called Recime.io, a cloud based developers platform for bots. This Palo Alto based startup combines 3 seasoned founders with extensive knowledge on platform building, creating developer tools and market them.
Besides that he also advises family offices and HNI about investing in early stage startups. With his common sense and his Dutch direct no-nonsense attitude he’s helped companies and startups prepare for investment, product launch and growth. He helps early stage startups as seasoned mentor, fundraiser and advisor. His curiosity is in Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence. In the last 15 years he build international businesses in technology and design.


He also founded the annual Postmortem Conference, Hong Kong’s very own conference about Startup Failure: Lessons Learned.


Jeffrey lives and works in Hong Kong since 2011.