May 10, 2017

Kwok Chiu


Kwok Chiu, born in the 70s, grew up in Mong Kok, and graduated from a band 5 school. No academic qualifications, poor family background, and also unattractive physical appearance, he started his career as a salesman after completing F.7 because he knew that commission-based job can make more money depending on his own ability.  Being the salesman of A4 paper, health products, building materials, he found his way and formed the first company in 2003.  Now he is a founder and CEO of three companies in different markets.

Kwok Chiu has extensive experience in starting a business with very little budget and risk. He creates four rules of doing business:

First Rule: Hard Working after Success, Ban!

Second Rule: High Cost, Ban!

Third Rule: No Explosive Force, Ban!

Fourth Rule: No Power of Control, Ban!

According these four rules to run business, Kwok Chiu just need to work 2 hours a day, so he has more leisure time for family, sleeping, playing TV/phone games, travels, etc. Travel is very important for him, he used to travel once a week, mostly Japan, others like England, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.  Other than eating, playing and shopping, also investigating the potential of the local real estate market. Over the past ten years, he has accumulated over 20 properties in Hong Kong and other foreign countries. Kwok Chiu believes that making right investment decisions in real estate market is the most efficient way for personal wealth growth. His motto is no choice, no life.