April 21, 2017

Luke Chu

Chairman, Hong Kong Internet & eCommerce Association

Luke has over 20 years of experience in system development, project management and Internet technology management. He established ‘Hong Kong Brands Protection Alliance Limited’ (HKBPA) to protect intellectual property rights of innovations from Hong Kong industries. Luke’s expert lies in in search engines, digital maps and complex data analyses. He is also a Business whiz with experience in BPR consulting, digital marketing and e-Commerce. Luke regularly presents at public seminars and trainings across Asian Pacific, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan, and more.

With Luke’s supervision, Vizz Group has 7 subsidiaries with all the experts across Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. Vizz provides complete I.T solutions and digital marketing services in Asia Pacific.

As the Chairman of Hong Kong Internet & eCommerce Association (HKIECA), Luke has participated in over 50 activities, including public seminar, workshops, charity events, training and coaching for 2 years.

Luke is master degree holder of Curtin University of Technology (AUS) and bachelor degree holder of Lingnan University (HK).