May 10, 2017

Paul Chan

Co-founder & CEO, Walk in Hong Kong

Paul holds a law degree from University of Hong Kong and master degrees in political science from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the London School of Economics and Political Science. An erstwhile academic, a former ministerial aide, a prolific public affairs commentator and a man of finance in his previous incarnation, Paul is principally an avid traveller, both modestly for fun, and a bit more lavishly for the corporate world. When not wandering around the globe, he can be found temple or village-hopping on the edges of Hong Kong. By founding Walk in Hong Kong, Paul is determined to show the world that his home turf isn’t just, as the official storyline goes, a fishing-village-turned-metropolis, since there are actually more mesmerizing stories to tell. From a humble beginning in 2013, Walk in Hong Kong has evolved into the city’s leading cultural enterprise.