April 28, 2017

Timothy Yu

Founder, Snapask

After completing his degree in risk management, Timothy decided a career in finance wasn’t for him. Instead, he was fascinated by the satisfaction of enlightening students as a tutor. He believes that curiosity is the key to knowledge, and questioning is the best way to learn; ‘it begins with a question’ became Timothy’s motto.

Questioning the efficiency and effectiveness of brick-and-mortar tutoring centres, he began working on an alternative platform to bridge the strong demand for after-class education support with talented but busy university students. Leveraging the convenience of mobile technology, he founded Snapask in 2015. Students can now snap a picture of the question at hand and receive assistance from locally-sourced tutors within 17 seconds. Snapask has garnered strong support from high school student, and is now serving 230,000 students across Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.

In 2016, Timothy was named to the Forbes Asia’s 30 under 30 list.